July 1  The Gateway w. A. Nero and Yankee Longstraw Brooklyn, NY 9:00
June 25 The Rock Shop w. Little Silver and Pete Sinjin (record release) Brooklyn, NY 8:00 $10

August 7 The Bell House w. Corporal (Feat. Michael Shannon) , Corn Mo's .357 Lover, and Soft Gang. ((Corporal and Mesiko's only NYC shows this summer!!!))

February 27 Union Hall w. .357 Lover & Bikini Carwash Brooklyn, NY doors 8:30 $10
February 26 BRIC Arts Media LIVE In-Studio taping RSVP:

February 23 The Dave Hill Show radio broadcast WFMU 10pm
February 22 MOTR Club w. Special Guest Brian Schreck 8:30 free Cincinnatti OH
February 21 Haymarket Whiskey Bar w. Slow Down Johnny & Tiny Elephant 9pm $6 Louisville, KY
February 20 Casa Nueva 10:30pm w. Slow Down Johnny Athens, Ohio

January 12 Pete's Candy Store 11pm Brooklyn, NY *(Ray & Raquel duo show)
January 10 Psychic Readings (AS220) 9pm w. Corn Mo of 357 LOVER, Hank Sinatra Jr. Providence, RI *(Ray & Raquel duo show)
January 9 Cake Shop NYC w. 8pm w. with ARUM RAE, TARTU POPI JA ROKI INSTITUUT [Minty Fresh], JOHNNY LEE JORDAN, & BASIC SHAPES *(Ray & Raquel duo show)


November 15 ZANZABAR w. Tyrone Cotton, Alanna Fugate, Jeff Taylor Louisville, KY

November 14 BETTYS GRILL w. Jeff Taylor, Satan Pubes Nashville TN

November 13 THE SYNDICATE LOUNGE w. Jeff Taylor, Glories Birmingham AL

November 11 GINGERMAN TAVERN w. Jeff Taylor, Moxie Mavens Chicago IL (FREE SHOW)

November 10 LITTLE ROCK BAR w. Jeff Taylor Columbus OH

November 9 BOWERY ELECTRIC New York City SOLAR DOOR RELEASE SHOW w. .357 Lover/Corporal/The Blind Staggers/Jeff Taylor NYC

November 8 HALF MOON HUDSON w. Montana Simone Hudson NY


September 20 THE MOHAWK w. All the Elements, Bob Mould Late Show Austin TX

September 19 ASMSA w. Peace of the Sea Hot Springs AK

September 18 Betty’s w. Noggin Attempt (Chris Davis John Allingham), Nashville, TN

September 17 Rudyard Kipling Waterfront Wednesday Afterparty featuring Sean Rowe and more special guests Louisville KY September 16 Fireside Bowl w. Corporal, The Blind Staggers, Fitness Chicago IL

September 15 Trinosophes w. Frogbelly and Symphony Detroit MI
September 14 The Happy Dog w. Frogbelly and Symphony and Blaka Watra Cleveland OH
September 13 Bloomfield Bridge Tavern w. Frogbelly and Symphony Pittsburg PA
September 12 ROD & GUN CLUB w. H Honne Wells & Yuan Liu/Kevin Shea Visuals by Derrick Barnicoat + Silent Auction Brooklyn NY
September 11 Lillypad (Ray and Raquel duo set) w. Frogbelly and Symphony Cambridge MA
September 6 PEOPLES GARDEN Bushwick (Greene/B'way)
June 15 Bait & Tackle in Redhook w. Lady Pyramid y Jeff Taylor 8pm
June 7 THE PEOPLE's GARDEN w. Mouthguard 88, The Dreebs, Private Eyes
May 15 Trans Pecos, 915 Wyckoff Ave. 9PM
April 25 RAMBLE @ 17 FROST 7pm w. The Habit & Corporal Brooklyn
April 12 Mercury Lounge NYC w. Trixie Whitley SOLD OUT
March 3 Le Poisson Rouge Motherlodge Fundraiser NYC
February 23 Lisa's Oak St Lounge w. Old Baby & Pontiac Louisville KY
February 22 Becky's Bar Cleveland OH
February 21 House Show in Philly PA w. Little Silver
February 20 The Rock Shop NYC w. A Don Piper Situation/Private Eyes


December 11 Mercury Lounge NYC 
November 30 Le Poisson Rouge Opening for Trixie Whitley 
November 23 L'Astral Montreal Jazz Fest Opening for Trixie Whitley
November 22 Signal Kitchen Burlington VT Opening for Trixie Whitley
October 5 The Rock Shop w. Belle Adair y Workman Song
September 21 The Peoples Garden
August 4 Mercury Lounge NYC w. Shy Hunters, Perennials

June 22
4 ((\+++/))™............(Max Jaffe)
5 Passport Photos
6 Vienna Boa
7 Mesiko
June 29 
4 Cloud Becomes Your Hand
5 Cool Memories
6 Jessica Pavone
7:30 MouthGuard 88 (start the dance partay)
And Temp Tattoo Art by BlairWear
June 10 2013 Mesiko Small Beast Manhattan NYC
May 14 2013 The Rock Shop Brooklyn, NY w. Dawn Landes & What It Means (Mesiko @ 8PM) Every Sunday in April 2013 10:30 at Zirzamin Manhattan w. VERY SPECIAL GUESTS March 28-31st Louisville SPRING MOTHERLODGE March 22 2013 EP RELEASE SHOW & POTLUCK 9PM: Rod & Gun w. Dawn Landes
March 14 2013  Bar 4 with Inner Banks and Dog Adrift 8PM
March 8 2013 Sycamore Flower Shop w. Shrines/Passport Photos/Jesse Quattro/Shahzad/
             Jessica Pavone and more special guests 9PM
February 11 2013 Small Beast show @ The Delancey
February 9 2013 Goodbye Blue Monday Rescue Show with amazing guests!!! 7PM
November 16 2012 The Living Room NYC special appearance w. Dawn Landes 9pm
November 11 2012 Actors Theatre of Louisville 8pm Motherlodge Fundraiser with   Special Guests
November 9 2012 Zazoos Louisville KY
September 29 2012 The People's Garden at Sundown w. Little Silver
September 27 2012 Honey Space w. Behavior & Mickey Western 9PM
July 23 2012 Fontanas NYC w. Corporal 9pm
July 21 2012 Rhumba Cafe Columbus Ohio 8pm
July 21 2012 Mesiko with your Eggs at Hillbilly Tea 11am
July 20 2012 The Lebowski Fest Louisville Kentucky Executive Lawn w. Mucca Pazza 
April 9 2012 Goodbye Blue Monday Bushwick NYC
February 27 2012 The Rock Shop South Brooklyn w. Thieving Irons